Interview with Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist for Google

http://predictiveroilive.com/blog/avinash-kaushik/ Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI interviews Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist for Google and co-founder of Market Motive.

During this insightful and entertaining video interview from Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, Avinash shares the practical and tactical steps any business owner can apply immediately to increase return on investment while developing deeper relationships with customers.

Stephen asked Avinash why business owners should care about their company’s digital marketing versus delegating the responsibility and leadership to their marketing team or a vendor. Avinash told Stephen, “It’s because if you care about it — and you understand it — then you will be rich. But if you just dump it on someone else’s lap, then you will be poor. That should be incentive enough.”

Why Should You Hire A Jacksonville SEO Expert?

Professional SEO Services in Jacksonville – Why You Should Hire One?

A lot of people still think that search engine marketing means using a lot of keywords in your website. They could not be more wrong. Stuffing your website with keywords actually may have the opposite effect because search engines are smart enough these days to know when content in a website is irrelevant to the keywords used. If a website is caught doing this, it can be penalized in rank and even delisted. If you are a business owner in Jacksonville, you do not have to struggle with optimizing your website on your own. You can hire a Jacksonville SEO expert to help you.

The main goal of a search engine is to provide web users with the best and most relevant results for their searches. In order to rank websites appropriately, websites have to be optimized in a way that will help search engines make that determination. The ranking is based on a complex formula that is proprietary to each search engine provider. Search engines do publish guides on what a well optimized web page should contain. So, that gives a clue to anyone doing SEO work.

Local SEO ServicesSearch engine marketing experts make it their business to understand how all the pieces of good SEO strategy fit together. They spend years keeping track and analyzing data for websites. From that practical experience, they know what strategies work and what do not work. When these experts work with clients, they draw upon the best practices and help a business implement them.

A typical business owner will not have the breadth or depth of SEO knowledge that the experts have. Just trying to interpret and understand the analytics that measure site traffic is challenging enough to a business merchant. Imagine having to deal with issues like keyword density, backlinking, speed optimization, meta data, and other aspects that make up what good SEO is. It would be too much for a business owner to do by himself.

That is where an experienced Jacksonville SEO consultant can help. He can review your website and see exactly how it can be improved to make more search-engine friendly. He can work with you to help your website get the result that you want.

Achieving a high rank in search engine results is best done organically. That means it does not rely on paid advertising. Your content needs to be relevant and authoritative in your business area. It needs to use the right keywords selectively, in the best places. It has to offer its web visitors a user experience that they want to come back to.

Good SEO for your website should be an integral part of your whole marketing strategy. It is all about reaching out to your customers. Your social media presence will have a big effect on your SEO. These approaches are all interconnected.

Therefore, if you have not budgeted for hiring an SEO expert, you should do so as part of your marketing budget. Just having a website is not enough. Your website has to work for you as a marketing tool. It has the potential to reach out to people all over the world. It can reach your target market and bring in more business.

A Jacksonville SEO expert is an important service to invest in. The money you spend on the service now will return you with unlimited benefits over the lifetime of your business. Good SEO can bring in customers. Your customer base is your company’s most important asset. When you continue to build up that base, you will give your business the best opportunity to grow.